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Are you a prospective college student who is ready to tackle college life from the confines of a co-ed dormitory! If you dream at night of running the most perfect campaign for Student Body President, or if the movie Animal House makes you want to pledge a frat and cohabitate with slightly unstable, maladjusted members of your species, then this article is for you!

Campus life is, indeed, a microcosm of the real world where you will strive to excel both academically and socially as an undergraduate student. While academics should consistently remain your priority, do not miss out on campus-based opportunities to spread your proverbial wings!

Extracurricular activities, athletic teams, clubs, organizations, and Greek life will differ from campus to campus, but there are few commonalities worth mentioning:

Extracurricular activities can range from campus sponsored events to off-campus excursions. Many clubs and organizations host these activities and you are encouraged to participate. This is a great way to meet new people! Not living on campus? That’s OK! Most campuses offer some variation of a ‘commuter’ club where you can mingle with other students who have chosen to live off-campus.

Athletic Teams are a staple of college life! A good majority of the population has purchased at least one gigantic foam finger in their lifetime and chanted ‘We’re Number One’ amongst a group of unified bleacher creatures. What better way to show school spirit than to wave that foam finger in support of your very own college team! Attend sports events! If you don’t fit the spectator profile, most athletic programs open up tryouts to walk-ons. Don’t be afraid to exercise a little athleticism! There is a lifetime of memories to be built on a college athletic team!

Clubs and organizations are another great way to get involved. Typical clubs and organizations you will find on campus are:

  • Student Government

  • ‘Major’ Clubs
    (such as English club, Math club, History club, and so on )

  • Student Newspaper

  • Honor Societies

  • Outdoor Clubs

  • And so much more!

Greek life is another option for those of you who are willing to give up 6 perfectly good weeks of your life to paddles and pledging! Often sounding harsher than it really is, pledging a Fraternity (Brotherhood) or Sorority (Sisterhood) is a unique experience that culminates in lifelong friendships with others who share common traits, beliefs and values. Contrary to popular belief, Fraternities and Sororities do more than just party and parade around in their ‘letters.’ Sororities and Fraternities spend a great deal of time planning events and fundraisers for their chosen philanthropies. Because you able to research various Fraternities and Sororities for a week (called Rush week) prior to pledging one, you can choose one that best fits your personality. Fraternities and Sororities have a full spectrum of activities that they either host or are indirectly involved in, so you will never be at a loss for friends and fun!

Again, academics should always be your priority, but it is totally acceptable to also branch-out, exercise your mind, and have a little harmless college fun!

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