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Cooking School Career Planning

It is important for potential culinary students to consider what direction they would like to take their career in because of the variety of options are available after graduation from cooking school.
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Cooking School Degree Options

Because there are several degree options for cooking school students, it is important that potential learners know what choices are available to them. Picking the right degree plan can make or break a career.
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Culinary School: Is it right for you?

Are you thinking about enrolling in culinary school but unsure if that is the right career path for you? The opportunities in the culinary industry are almost endless but there are a few things that you should consider before deciding if that is the right choice.
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Getting the Right Job After Culinary School

Getting your cooking school degree is only one part of a well balanced culinary career. Before you get your degree or certificate, you need to think about what kind of job you would like to land after getting your degree.
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A Day in the Life of a Cooking Chef

Part of choosing a career is knowing what a typical day is like at the office, or in the case of a chef the kitchen. There are plenty of styles of restaurants, so this, of course, tells you that there are plenty of styles of days that enhance a chefs career.
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Admission Requirements for Culinary Schools

While finding the best culinary school for you is difficult, it’s harder still to adhere to their requirements. The application process, while tediously demanding, is your first impression to prospective culinary school.
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Becoming a Pastry Chef with Education from a Culinary School

Do you love to work in the kitchen? Does baking cakes or cookies make you happy? Then maybe its time to make a resolution to go back to college culinary arts college. A good culinary arts college will help you attain your goals in the culinary arts pushing you closer to a permanent career in being a pastry chef.
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Choosing the Best Culinary School for You

So you want to be a chef? Do you enjoy cooking? If you love to cook and you want to go back to school, then you may be interested in cooking classes to hone your skills and make a career in doing what you love to do. With so many options available, it may be hard for you to find the perfect culinary school
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Culinary Schools Can Help You Start a Catering Business

If big, lavish parties excite you, then you may be interested in attending a local culinary school to start your very own catering business. The catering business gives you the freedom to design your own recipes while providing the best foods available to guests at find parties and celebrations.
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How a Culinary College Can Help You in Hospitality Management

Do you have a knack for customer service and hospitality? Patience and level-headedness and a love for working with people are the first steps towards a hospitality career. A culinary arts college can take those skills and maximize them for a great career in hospitality management.
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How Long Will It Take from Culinary School to Executive Chef?

No one wants to wait decades to enter the career of their choice. The question of how long a career takes from culinary arts school to being a top executive chef is a popular one.
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Paying for Culinary School

It’s time to go back to culinary college, but how do you find the finances to pay for it? College is expensive, especially if the culinary college you choose is in the top cooking schools in the country.
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Private Chef Training at Culinary School

Being a private chef is similar to working for yourself. You can choose who you work for, when you want to work, and where you want to live. A private chef is an excellent career for those who want to travel and love to cook.
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Salary Expectations After Graduating Culinary School

Before you dive in and go back to school, you may want to know how much money you can expect to make after becoming an honorary chef. A chef salary is dependent upon years at school and what area in which you decide to specialize.
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What Types of Degrees are Offered at Culinary Arts Colleges?

Finding the right degree for you might seem challenging at first, but if you love to cook then a culinary arts college may be the best place for you. Receiving a degree from a top notch culinary college isnt just about cooking classes.
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Why Do You Want to Go to Culinary Arts School?

If you like to cook and enjoy feeding people parties or just your family, then consider taking off in a new career through culinary arts school training.
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