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Accelerating your life and career is easy once you’ve made a vow to do so, and Remington College is the Culinary Arts School you’ll need to make your dreams a reality! Remington College is known for our many well-developed and challenging degree programs, and our Culinary Arts degree meets those same ardent standards. 24-months from now, you’ll emerge from Remington College’s Associate Degree program in Culinary Arts and be qualified for a rewarding career as a top chef, a business owner, or even a TV personality!

Take a moment to imagine the possibilities – now take hold of them! The information you need is right at your fingertips, so act now! Your questions are welcomed! If you have fervor for food and passion for culinary creation, than the perfect prospect has just fallen into your lap! Turn up the heat on your future by requesting a course catalog and attending Remington College this year!

Campus Information

Remington College offers the Culinary Arts degree program on our campus in Garland, TX. A combination of classroom and kitchen experience provides a well-rounded foundation on which our student chefs build their cooking skills. Students hone their culinary skills in our first-rate kitchen/dining lab.

Located close to Dallas, TX puts us in close proximity to a thriving social community!

Remington College does not offer on-campus housing.

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Class Format

There is no better way to master Culinary Arts than by engaging in applied practicum! Remington College provides career preparation in a full-scale, well-equipped kitchen.

  • Our cooking classes support expression of culinary ingenuity and cooking conventions.
  • Qualified and dedicated instructors are masters in their field.
  • The Associate Degree in Culinary Arts is completed in 24-months.

The information you need is right at your fingertips, so act now! We have already prepared a succulent carte du jour for success, so request complimentary information from Remington College right now! Cooking classes are offered throughout the year, so there's no better time to start than now. What are you waiting for? We’ve made it easy for you to request free information right now!


Remington College participates in all types of Federal Financial Aid for qualifying students, and our Financial Aid Department can assist you with the FAFSA and Scholarship information. Representatives at Remington College are eager to discuss your options and get you on track in your cooking career pursuit, so request free information today!


The Remington College Career Services Department will support you in making the shift from student to chef! Students are supported and instructed in:

  • Employment Applications and Resumes
  • Professional Development Services
  • Interaction with Prospective Employers
  • Interviews with Prospective Employers

Our skilled and knowledgeable faculty is accessible to assist you with all of your academic needs.

More money, the pride of being a graduate, and a means by which to implement your culinary flair what is stopping you?


Remington College’s Texas campus is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

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Request complimentary official new student information from Remington College and learn more about taking charge of your career and your future! Passing on this opportunity for more information means nothing will change for you. Just request a free enrollment kit and we will help you do the rest. It can all change – right here, right now – all you have to do is reach out to us today!



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