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In under 1-year, you could earn the diploma or certificate you need to pursue or advance you career. Glendale Career College offers career training programs in Surgical Technology, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Specialist, Central Service Instrument Technician, Licensed Vocational Nursing, and Massage Therapy. If your passion is to assist others in a health-related setting, then Glendale Career College is exactly what you're looking for!

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Campus Information:

Glendale Career College is located in Glendale, CA. Our campus community is warm and friendly, and our facilities are well-equipped with all you will need to efficiently complete your program.

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Glendale Career College does not offer on-campus housing.

Class Format:

Campus: Many students feel comfortable in a traditional classroom setting. Glendale Career College has made this achievable through the operation of campus locations:

  • Select programs offer Clinical practice in which students will utilize their skills and techniques
  • Students will benefit from a blend of classroom and hands-on instruction
  • Course scheduling options allow for flexibility
  • Program length will vary depending on the degree program in which you are enrolled

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Tuition and fees will vary depending on the program in which you are enrolled. Glendale Career College has an affordable plan for EVERY student. Let our representatives assist you in determining eligibility for Federal Financial Aid and other programs. We are anxious to discuss your options and get you started on your career-path, so contact us today!


Our Career Services Department is always available to assist you with all areas related to interviews, job search, preparation, and much more. Our experienced and knowledgeable faculty is available to assist you with all of your academic needs.

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Glendale Career College is not yet accredited.

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Glendale Career College

1015 Grandview Avenue
Glendale, CA 91201
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