Professional Training Centers

Professional Training Centers Class Format

Professional Training Centers offers campus-based programs that are rich in practical application and skill mastery. Our variety of diploma and degree programs and our flexible class schedules are sure to accommodate almost anyone's hectic life.

  • Program length will vary depending on the degree program in which you are enrolled; however, diploma programs are completed in less than 1-year, and degree programs are completed in approximately 2-years.
  • Students engage in both practical and theoretical learning that fosters both program intellect and skills.
  • Students have the option of enrolling in morning, afternoon, or evening courses and may enroll on either a full- or part-time basis.

Everything else you need to know about Professional Training Centers is right at your fingertips. Request a course catalog and attend Professional Training Centers this year! With every day that passes, an enrolled student is gaining an edge on you!

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